Vehicles a Semi Truck Repair Can Work With

Types of Semi Trucks You Should Know About

A semi truck is a vehicle that is often used to transport goods and materials, especially those that are too heavy and large to be carried by other means of transport. Trucks can be used to deliver goods on-demand or on a schedule, and they have become essential in business. In addition to their ability to transport materials, trucks can also be utilized for other purposes. With how functional and utilized these vehicles are, it only makes sense to have them repaired when problems arise. A semi truck repair technician will specialize in all the trucks used for transporting goods. Some of these trucks include:

Hauling Trucks

Hauling trucks are usually utilized when there is a need for the transportation of materials that are too large to fit inside any other type of truck. Hauling trucks are usually equipped with enormous cranes that make it easier for them to carry heavy items.

Professional Trucks

Professional trucks are designed for the transportation of goods that are too fragile to be moved anywhere else. Professional trucks may be equipped with shock absorbers or extra protection for the cargo so that they do not get damaged during transportation.


Over-the-road trucks are also known as long-haul trucks, and they are often used when there is a need for the transportation of goods. These trucks can travel over long distances, which means that they will arrive at their destination much faster than smaller vehicles could.

Towing Trucks

Towing is the act of putting a truck together with its attached trailer, hauling them behind a vehicle or truck, and then disconnecting them when done. This is done in order to tow another vehicle or truck with its attached trailer.

Converting Vehicles

Converted vehicles have been converted into work vehicles so they can continue doing their original function once they reach their destination.

Tanker Trucks

Tanker trucks have been equipped with special equipment so they can carry hazardous materials like gasoline without spills being caused during delivery.

If you own a semi truck, work with a professional semi truck repair service to properly maintain it. In Corinth, MS, the mechanic you can trust is Profleet Semi-Truck and Trailer Repair LLC. We offer top-quality yet affordable truck services. For more details, don’t hesitate to call (662) 415-9041 now!

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